Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sock Knitting on the Go

In order to maximize my sock knitting time, I keep a sock knitting kit in my SUV at all times. It's not often I get to be the passenger, but when I am I want to be prepared. Here's what I bring:

1. Sock yarn and needles. I prefer to have the stitches cast on and the ribbing at least partially finished.

2. A simple sock pattern. Stockinette is my stand-by although ribbing or another easy to remember pattern will do. Here's an example:
Rounds 1 & 2: *K2, P2; repeat from *
Rounds 3 & 4: K all sts

3. A crochet hook. This is essential to help me pick up dropped stitches (although I don't try to do this in a moving car).

4. An index card. This has multiple uses. I can write down the pattern I'm using which is always good because these socks usually don't get worked on often and it would be easy to forget how many stitches I'd cast on, for example. I also mark the edges in one inch increments which means I don't have to bring a small ruler or measuring tape. It's also a place to store my yarn needle.

5.Yarn needle. Stored on the index card.

6. Scissors. I use a pair of plastic blunt-nosed children's scissors I bought when I did a lot of airplane traveling. I won't accidentally poke myself with the tip and if they get misplaced it's not a big deal.

7. A pencil. I used to bring a short little golf pencil, but now I bring a larger one as sometimes I need an eraser.

8. And finally, a cute little bag to store everything in. These are actually lovely little make-up bags I found at a thrift store.


  1. Nice kit, the only thing I think I'd need in addition is a tape measure.

  2. The storage bags I use are small and so I avoided the need to add a tape measure by marking 1" increments on the index card.