Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Dreams (baby socks)

Needles: 2.0mm dpn
Yarn: Koigu KKPM 2235 (solid) and Koigu KKPM 102 (multi-color)
Pattern: Plain stockinette

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Socks for Afghanistan

Needles: 4.25 dpn
Yarn: Lambs Pride Worsted, 85% wool and 15% mohair. Colorway: M-75 Blue Heirloom
Pattern: My Basic Socks (free)

These socks were made for afghans for Afghans This pair knit up in less than two hours.

Leftover Sock Yarn

So, you may be wondering. Just what does one do with leftover sock yarn? Well, one answer is make baby socks and that's what I do. Yet I still have sock yarn left over. In fact, I have a LOT of sock yarn left over!

One idea is to make more socks, striping several different yarns and/or stitches and I like that idea. I'll begin, however, with making a pair of baby socks that way; it's on the schedule for this month. I have other ideas too and will work on these from now until the end of the year.

And all those tiny little snips of yarn? I save those in a glass jar. In the spring I'll put them out for the birds to use to decorate their nests.

Distracted a Bit

I've been distracted with knitting socks for afghans for Afghans.

They are knit, as requested, of worsted weight wool. I am using Lamb's Pride. Photos and pattern will be posted in the next few days.

This is from the e-mail they sent recently sent to me:

Another 300 pairs of our wool socks were distributed to girls at a school in Kabul. Our same Afghan hero -- who previously distributed our socks to a shelter for women and kids -- was terrific again in making this happen so quickly. We hope to get permission to post some of the photos on our website. In the meantime, we know you want to hear that the girls got their socks. We've got another set of 310 socks waiting in Kabul for distribution. We'll keep you posted as always.

We'll keep accepting socks for the next several weeks as we await confirmation of the next campaign, which is likely to include socks. We're not worried about having too many socks, and we will get them to Afghanistan.

Here are the guidelines for the socks campaign --

General guidelines and mail address are here --

And ... we will also welcome *wool mittens*. Sizes should be from 7 years through teens. Nothing smaller or bigger, please. We'll include these mittens with a socks shipment or save them for the next campaign. Mittens won't take up much space in our very limited storage/work space at AFSC.

Between now and October 18 is just the right amount of time to whip up a pair of socks or mittens and pop in an envelope to us. Be sure to please tie together.

** What's Ahead **

We've almost finalized plans for a new campaign for youth. We have started a new relationship with an experienced non-governmental organization that operates schools, serves internally displaced people, and provides other social services in Afghanistan. Their container transit is reliably orchestrated and financed by a US-based, long-established organization here. Their students are in need of our wool knitwear. We just have to conclude a few more details before being 100% certain, but feel confident enough to let you know where we are heading in the hopes that you will start planning. The age group is probably 7 - 16 years, and the kids will probably need sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and, of course, socks.