Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sock Knitting Weather!

Well, maybe not just yet.  It's perfect today--in the mid 70's-- which is much more pleasant than the highs in the 90s we've been having, but it is still summer.  And I suspect the weather will probably stay nice for the  next few weeks; if we're lucky, into mid-October.   But I can see the leaves are  just starting to turn color.  Autumn is coming.

I've started knitting socks again today after a summer of knitting preemie hats as well as hats and mittens for The Maine Mitten Project. I need to put tags on all those hats and mittens.  And I'm on hat #66 of my 100 preemie hats for Doernbecher Children's Hospital.   I want to send everything in by the end of September.  (See one of my other blogs, Knitting for Peace, for updates on those projects.)

I finished two sweaters for Violet  and have the pattern and yarn for a little dress, Merridy, for her.  This winter I want to knit a few things for Isabella and, of course, some sweet little newborn sweaters for Violet's sibling who'll be arriving in the spring.

But socks.  Yes!  It's been a long time.  I found a couple of skeins of Paton Kroy Stripes sock yarn in Mulberry in my stash so I'm starting with those.    Nope. I didn't like how it looked and put it aside.  I've also ordered a few more skeins of sock yarn.   Not that I'm out.  Still, it's always fun to start with something brand new. And I couldn't wait for it to arrive even though it'll just be a few days.

Happy knitting!