Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Sock Book

I've been perusing Knitted Socks East and West by Judy Sumner. The review on Amazon states:

In Knitted Socks East and West, author Judy Sumner compares knitting a sock to writing a haiku: both challenge you to create something beautiful and original within a sparse, strict format. In this, her first book, she recounts how she came to study hundreds of exquisite Japanese stitch patters and then apply her new knowledge to the sock designs showcased here.

I've found several must make patterns in this book including hanami (meaning "enjoying flowers") which are fragile and delicate and intended as bed socks;

tatami, named after the woven straw matting that is used a floor covering in Japan;

origami, the art of paper folding;

and kaiso, the Japanese word for seaweed.

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  1. Hi there,
    I just found your blog by searching for a photo of the Hanami socks. Have you made these yet? I just cast on for the 3rd time, going down from the recommended size 3 to a size 1. I'm hoping they'll fit and also be loose like in the photos.

    Love your socks! I like making socks too and can't seem to stop!