Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Socks in the Archives

One of my favorite databases is ArchiveGrid, which allows for "searching through historical documents, personal papers, and family histories held in archives around the world". Access to this proprietary database is available through a variety of institutions and serves as a tool to locate finding aids; it is rare to actually find the materials digitized. With that said, here are some I found searching for socks.

Hoyt Furman letter : San Francisco, to A.B. Jones : ALS, 1852 Nov. 30.
Discusses business conditions in San Francisco during the time of the gold rush, focusing on the market for woolen socks for the miners.
University of California, Berkeley

Anna H. Beckmann letters, 1944-1945.
This collection consists of V-mail (Victory mail) letters from World War II addressed to Anna H. Beckmann. Five letters are from Munroe J. Epting, written from San Francisco, 1944. In the letters, Epting writes of personal news about life in the navy, people in Savannah, the dangers of the war, and of his discharge from the navy. One letter is from Luke Beckmann, written from Germany in 1945. In the letter, Beckmann writes of family news and requests knitted socks.
Georgia Historical Society

Sarah Lois Wadley Papers, 1849-1886
This collection includes a draft of a letter to a Captain Marks of the Vicksburg Blues, ca. 1861, about knitting socks and clothes for the troops.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Boyd Family Papers 1857-1982.
These papers include correspondence regarding the knitting of socks for the Red Cross. 1914.
Trent University Archives

I did, however, come across this photo of Naalbinding Socks on the University of Arkansas Library Special Collections page.

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