Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Pink Socks

I made a bonus pair of socks this month. These tube socks were knit using two skeins of Baby Cashmerino in light pink (colorway #601),using size 2.5 dpns with the same stitch pattern as the May socks.

My favorite comic strip is Mutts and I especially like Mooch the Cat. Mooch has a little pink sock he loves and who can blame him? I love pink socks too. And I love pink. After spending more than 25 years living in a house with a husband and four boys there's just something in me that craves the color pink. I have a pink toothbrush. I buy pink flowers to plant in my garden. I make pink quilts. But, being a woman of a certain age and not really being a girly-girl, I don't wear pink. At least I don't in public. It's really a color for little girls. There may be some women who can get away with wearing it, but I'm not one of them.

However, every spring I buy myself a pink nightgown for the summer. And this year I decided that, because my feet sometimes get cold even in hot weather, I needed a pair of bed socks. In pink. Even better, in pink lace. So I knit myself a pair of pink lace socks.

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