Sunday, March 22, 2009


There are always distractions. This is spring break week which means I'll be working fewer hours. I'll be the only one at the archives reference desk all day Wednesday and, if there are any serious researchers around, it may very well be quite busy. If not, I may have the chance to do a bit of studying for the Certified Archivists exam I'll be taking in August. This week I also need to write a title and abstract for a chapter one of my former professors has asked me to write for his book, review almost twenty scholarship applications for SAA, and at least think about how I want to teach an information literacy class at the end of next month. I have a quilt in the frame I want to finish hand quilting by the end of April so that I can show it in a quilt show at the beginning of May. Then there's the stack of books I want to read multiplying on my night stand. Add to all that having my husband taking a vacation week this week; he keeps coming up with projects he wants us/me to work on. Yes, finding time to knit is getting harder.

I am nothing, however, if not persistent. I have finished the heel of the second January sock and have begun knitting the foot. I also hope to finish five pastel preemie hats (see Knitting for Peace)this week.

Time. I need more time.

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