Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Knitting 100 Pairs of Socks

This is my current goal and I'm three quarters of the way there.  I've given away a few pairs of socks, but I'm not sure how many so I'm only counting those pairs I have. 

When I did a Google search for "knitting 100 pairs of socks" I found this blog, 100 Pairs of Socks.  She's just finished her tenth pair.  Yay!  Take a peek!

I'm happy my rotator cuff problems have been resolved--no more physical therapy for me--which means I can go back to the gym, but I'm being distracted with one of my sons graduating from university with degrees in computer science and mathematics in less than two weeks and having a big wedding in August, and another son and daughter-in-law expecting their first child (and our first grand-child) in early November.  Life is good.

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