Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm still struggling with my diabetes diagnosis as I try to finish at least one pair of socks this month. My blood sugars are much improved due to three different drugs, plus drastic diet changes, and walking five miles a day, but I am exhausted. Some of that is due to getting used to normal blood sugar levels, to the side effects of the drugs, and the increased exercise. I also have an unresolved thyroid problem which I hope will be straightened out soon; I'll know more about that when I have a blood test which is now scheduled for mid-July. And there is yet another serious health issue I'm dealing with as well; more about that at the end of the week.

In the meantime, what about sock knitting? I'm finishing the toe of the first Stairway to Heaven sock and I've started the heel of the second Wild Rosehips sock. Hopefully I will get at least one pair finished so that I can post a photo to the Sock A Month website. I've changed my list of June socks to just these two pairs and hope I have the chance to work on the socks I'd intended to do in June next month.

My son Owen and his wife Sarah are going on a month long vacation starting next Monday and John and I will be cat sitting Skitty the Pretty Kitty. Photos will be forthcoming.

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