Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Back!

First of all, just what WAS in that package for my beautiful daughter-in-law? Why a pair of socks, of course! I had hoped to take a photo of her in her socks at her birthday party, but as usual, I forgot my camera. Here is a photo of the socks taken when I knit them in May of 2009.
If you haven't already guessed, her favorite color is purple. I think she liked them.

And now for the rest of the story. The reason I've neglected this blog and, for that matter, knitting in general, is because I've been diagnosed with diabetes. Yeah, I know. Bummer. It's hell getting old, but it's better than the alternative. I've spent the last month seeing various doctors, taking different combinations and doses of oral meds, changing my diet, researching articles and websites, and walking five miles a day. This is a time consuming and very expensive disease. The good thing is that it's something I can control. The bad thing is that I do have to keep control over it and do it every single day. My blood sugar levels were very high and I am happy that I wasn't put on insulin first thing. That said, I also know that the oral meds won't work forever and eventually I will be on insulin. Just not yet. My blood sugar numbers are now close to normal, I'm losing weight, and I have much more energy. I also don't have any complications and I want to keep it that way.

On to knitting! I've finished one of the Wild Rose Hip socks and begun the second and I'm just about to start the heel of the first Stairway to Heaven sock, but I don't have any pairs finished for this month. These two patterns were listed for May but life got in the way. I will post photos as soon as I've completed a pair.

In the meantime I will continue to follow Elizabeth Zimmermann's advice:
Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.


  1. Sorry to hear about the Diabetes diagnosis...my hubby was diagnosed with it a couple of years ago. His blood sugar was off the charts. He now takes no medication, completely controlling it with diet and exercise. He's learned that he can still have the things he loves, just in moderation (except he only drinks diet soda now.) And he feels much better :) Best of luck to a healthy new you!

  2. I have missed you, your work is always an inspiration to me. I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You sound like you are fighting hard to regain control from a disease you didn't invite in, you are a survivor....great for you. I am with you, getting older is Hell.

  3. The socks are lovely! Sorry about the diagnosis, but like you said you can control it. baby steps!