Saturday, February 13, 2010

Slowed Down

My father-in-law died January 30th. He was 89 and a wonderful person. He will be missed. My knitting time was taken with notifying friends and relatives, organizing my household as our oldest son and his fiance came from out of state and the other three sons, one with his wife and one with his fiance, from nearby towns. I wrote the obituary, helped John assemble a power point of photographs for the memorial service, we met with the rest of the family with the minister, and spent time with and comforted my mother-in-law. With all four of our sons here we took the opportunity to spend time with them--a dinner with all of us at a restaurant; a dinner at home. It was hectic, emotional, and exhausting.

I did get some knitting done--early in the morning when no one was up yet, late at night when I couldn't sleep--but so far I've only managed to knit one pair of socks and part of another pair this month.

I will put up a photo of the pair I've finished tomorrow. Perhaps I will also have finished a second pair by then.

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