Friday, January 29, 2010

Sock Names

I have a list of names for socks. With some I've just changed the name of an already available sock pattern. With others, I've found a stitch pattern which reminds me of something and I incorporate it into a generic 64-stitch sock pattern. Sometimes the sock is named after the name of the yarn. I have a list of possible sock names and ideas for the entire year.

I try to focus on the month or season which why this month the sock names are mainly about hearts and valentines. Next month there will be Pineapple Express (I'll explain that name when I get there) and Daffodils. In April there's Lilacs and Spring Fern, in May Leaf Lace and Spring Ahead, and in June, there's Cherry Ripe and Fly Away Home. I don't try to get too far ahead and some months seem to get a longer list than others and, then of course, I keep re-naming them and moving them from one month to another too.

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