Monday, August 3, 2009

Sock Knitting Philosophy

Okay. Philosophy is a bit pretentious. Think assumptions instead.

1) Most of my socks will be made out of fingering wool. I reserve the right to have other fibers mixed in with the wool, but they will be mostly wool. Unless, of course, I find yarn that I like which isn't wool. I may make some socks of DK yarn or even worsted weight, but not many. I refuse to use cotton.

2) Most of my socks will have some kind of pattern stitch. The exception will be self-striping yarns.

3) That said, my patterns will not be extraordinarily complex. I have Anna Zilborg's book Simply Socks: 45 Traditional Turkish Patterns to Knit, but I'm not knitting these. (OMG! I just saw on Amazon that book is selling for $140 new and $56 used!)

Well, maybe I'll adapt and simplify some of these patterns. Maybe.

4) I will use my traditional (or, if you rather, boring) tools and techniques. I use wooden dpns, always. I am not interested in using circular needles or metal ones. I mainly use the same basic cast-on 60 stitches pattern. I do not want to knit them toe up (I think the toes look funny) or knit two at a time. I'm happy to do what works for me. I will consider learning these techniques later, but not now.

5) I will have fun knitting socks!

But alas today I do not have knitting socks on my agenda. The little knitting time I have today will be spent on Monday Mittens. Sock knitting will have to wait until later in the week.

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