Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finding Time to Knit

Knitter's Review recently posted this about the Sock Summit.

When asked how she managed to be so prolific, Barbara Walker said she needed only four or five hours of sleep each night. She also said that her TV set broke once and she didn't get around to calling the repair man for five years. "I got a lot done," she smiled. Then Stephanie turned back to the audience and said, "To recap, don't sleep and ditch your TV."

I agree with that advice. I stopped watching television about ten years ago and was astonished at all the time I had. I still watch a few programs and I watch DVDs on my laptop (while knitting, of course), but my television time is really quite limited. I wish I only needed four or five hours of sleep every night but I can't manage on that.

I do look for small pieces of time to knit during the day. I knit when I'm waiting--at a dentist's office or while the potatoes finish boiling. I knit a few rounds in between doing housework. I always want to be a passenger when my husband and I go somewhere because, depending upon where we're going, it can give me as long as 30 minutes of knitting time. Even if I'm not a passenger I'll bring my knitting because sometimes he'll wants to go to a hardware store, which holds no interest for me, and I'll stay in the car and knit. It adds up, all those little snippets of time knitting.

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