Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Update

When my youngest son was four, he became fascinated with earthworms. I learned more about earthworms than I ever wanted to know. Now I'm learning about breast cancer, pathology reports, medical jargon, and the medical and insurance systems and it too, is far more than I ever wanted to know.

I met with the breast surgeon yesterday. We agreed to first get confirmation that the biopsy adequately sampled the lesion. If it is we will get a third biopsy report, this one from Vanderbilt University Breast Center which my research identified as having the most experienced pathologists in diagnosing the marker the first biopsy report said I had and the second one said I didn't. If I have the marker there's a 20-30% chance I also have cancer and I'll agree to have a lumpectomy (partial mastectomy) to find out. If I don't, my medical records will be amended to show that I am not at high risk for invasive cancer. I should have the answer in a week or two. So again, I wait.

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  1. Hoping all is going well with the outcome of those reports. And you do lovely socks, by the way.